Faith is a personal journey, which is respected in All Souls.
All Souls respects the integrity of the individual belief. We are a Christian Church but we have a Universalist view of faith and the private conscience. our members and attendees whilst in general are Christian we also have Jewish, Humanists, Agnostic, Shinto and others.
Our minister does not preach a prescribed doctrine, as is the case in many Christian Churches, but teaches an open and challenging faith along with our sister churches - Unitarian Universalists, Dutch Remonstrants and Liberal Protestants.
However we find a common bond with those of a liberal persuasion in other churches such as Methodist, Church of Ireland, Church of England, Presbyterian and Quaker.
Some of our members are involved with Changing Attitude Ireland - which works within the Church of Ireland for the full acceptance of Gay Christians.


All Souls is a caring, open-minded community that encourages seekers to follow their own spiritual paths. Our faith draws on many religious sources, welcoming people with different beliefs. We are united by shared values, not by creed or dogma.
All Souls recognises the diversity in religious belief. Our members support one another in our individual search for truth and meaning as we build a beloved community. We have historic roots in the Jewish and Christian traditions and share many values and worship with fellow Christians. We support Interfaith worship and reaching out to other faith communities - especially those in the Belfast Jewish Community.
All Souls is a church that cherishes reason and tolerance in our communities. We strongly oppose misogyny, sectarianism, racism and homophobia. We are a non-creedal religious tradition, we encourage people to discern their own beliefs about various spiritual topics.. All Souls’ members hold wide-ranging opinions on topics like the afterlife, God, and scripture. What unites us is our acceptance of diverse spiritualities and our commitment to making the world a better place for everyone by our witness here in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

All Souls is a member of Synod of Munster, which acts as a Presbytery within the Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland. We through our membership of the NSPCI can trace our roots back to the earliest Presbyterians in Ireland. The history of Presbyterianism in Ireland can be traced back to 1613. The first Non Subscribing Presbytery was formed in 1725 and our most notable historical leader, Doctor Henry Montgomery took a leading part in the controversy in the 1820s that led to the formation of the Non Subscribing Remonstrant Synod of Ulster. Our denomination refuses to impose compulsory adherence to any creeds in respect of our Christian faith.

Our ethos is faith guided by reason and conscience and we advocate a liberal and tolerant Christianity. The NSPCI is affiliated to the following:
  • The International Association of Religious Freedom
  • The Unitarian Christian Association
  • The Irish Council of Churches
  • We have a special agreement with: The General Assembly of British and Irish Unitarians and Free Christians.
  • We are represented on the Social Forum: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland