Autumn and Winter Events update 2018 to 2019 

(this post has been left up to show how in a normal year All Souls' is a strong community with a variety of activities)

We have a number of events taking place this Autumn in our All Souls’ Community. We hope you will take part in these events as they help shape our beloved community for the future.


These conversations are styled to be thoughtful group discussions which will take place in the Agnew Room of the Rosemary Hall. They will provide an opportunity to air our views and to get to know each other better.

Thursday 29th November at 7.30pm – What do I believe?

Taking the same format as our September session, those taking part will discuss what their faith means to them and we hope that this will be a multi-faith event.  If you wish to take part, please contact Monica Burns.

Curator: Monica Burns –

Thursday 31st January 2019 at 7.30pm – How do I want to Die?

This is an open session and will allow us to think through and discuss our thoughts on death and how we want to die.  From this we hope to arrange a number of practical sessions such as funeral planning, will writing and other legal aspects.  If you wish to take part, please contact Monica Burns.

Curator: Monica Burns –

 Kids All Souls

KidsKids First Club inKids All Souls

Why Kids First?

·         Because we want to put kids first in our church

·         Kids Club will be on the first Sunday morning of the month so it’s easy to remember

When will it start?

Just as soon as we get all our helpers trained up in child protection and have all our policies and procedure approved.

 What age group: primary school age.      What we do in the Kids first Club?  Have fun!

Our mission statement:  To provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for children to play, learn and develop freely. To help children develop responsibility for their actions to become competent, confident and independent citizens. For further details or to register an interest contact Sheena Lewis

Special services 2018 – we hope each Sunday is special to you, although on some Sundays we have decided they will take a particular theme – such as family Services.!



1st Sunday

2nd Sunday

3rd Sunday

4th Sunday

5th Sunday





23rd – Lord Alderdice






28th Harvest




11th – Remembrance Sunday/Communion




25th Family Sunday







Christmas Carol Service



Additional Special services

Sunday 18th November - Trans Remembrance Service Afternoon 3.00pm

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning Service 10.30am

Please join us for Morning Service every Sunday at 11.30am 
followed by Fairtrade tea/coffee and snacks.

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