The Rev Chris Hudson was elected

 of the NSPCI on Tuesday the 11th June, 2019

Glory, Glory Hallelujah

We are an open minded, liberal and inclusive congregation. 
We welcome people irrespective of their race, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation. 
All Souls is a member of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland.
We also share a special relationship with  the General Assembly of Unitarians and Free Christians of Britain and Ireland and have links with the Dutch Remonstrant Church.

Minister Rev Chris Hudson MBE        

Assistant Minister Rev Alister Bell BA

Anne Stewart is our Stipend Clerk and meticulously records your giving to All Souls’, stipend and collections. Anne is able to add    20% + to all that you give, if it is linked to a HMRC gift aid form: so please make the effort complete a form if you are a taxpayer.  Stipend can be paid as a lump sum or by the envelopes.

It also is worth pointing out that the stipend year is the same as the Calendar year: so stipend if payed in a lump sum should be paid before the end of 2018.

All Souls' will not ask for your bank details!

All Souls' will not e-mail or telephone a stipend payer with details of the Church's bank accounts: if a stipend payer receives such an e-mail or telephone call, do not respond and contact the Data Protection Officer at allsoulsbelfast@gmail.com

If anyone wishes to make a contribution to All Souls' please contact Anne Stewart or The Ministers. 

A leaflet explaining all the options was distributed in the Church in December and is available at the back of the Church on the table.

Join us for Morning Service every Sunday at 11.30am 

followed by Fairtrade tea/coffee and snacks.

View our calendar "New Light" for up to date news, thoughts, inspiration and information

Panorama created by Michael McKelvey: michael_mckelvey@talk21.com

All Souls' Data Protection Policy including guidelines for use of images in publications and Summary of Child Protection Guidelines are published below

Denominational policies can be accessed at https://nspcipolicies.weebly.com/

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Inclusive Christian Community,  Diversity,  Progressive Thinking,  Faith with Integrity,  Love,  Liberalism, Compassionate,
I n d i v i d u a l i s m,  Intellectual Freedom.  


All Souls, an inclusive church, is a religious liberal community.  We are united in Christian fellowship and not by any fixed doctrine or creed. Our members believe/agree that religious belief is a matter for the individual and not proscribed by dogma. We also acknowledge that such belief should be held in the light of reason and may change with new knowledge.

We come together in the worship of God, seeking greater awareness of the divine, in the spirit of freedom and in fellowship with all who seek truth.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty.
Whilst the ethos of our worship is placed firmly in the Christian Tradition, we find guidance and inspiration from all great literature as well as in the deepest experience of human life. 

Our hope is to express our religion in ways that are open and free thinking, which will enhance human dignity.

Membership of this church is open to all, who can share these values with us
Our Minister is Reverend Chris Hudson MBE
Services are at 11.30am every Sunday
(unless shown otherwise)

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